Google Drive Lectures for CA Inter Law – By CA CS Munish Bhandari - For May 2020 Exams (Corporate and Other Laws - New Syllabus)


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When an order for lectures is successfully placed, an e-mail containing the Google Drive Link (for downloading the Software and Lectures) and the Serial Key (for activating the Software for watching the lectures) shall be sent to the registered e-mail id of the student within 2 working days. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (16 POINTS GIVEN BELOW IN "FULL DESCRIPTION") BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER.

1.   Downloading lectures and Session Plan from Google Drive

(a)  The lectures can be downloaded by the students by using the Google Drive Link sent to the them in their registered e-mail id. 

(b)   A Session Plan (MS Excel Files (Containing the details w.r.t. topics / sections covered in each lecture, duration of each lecture (in minutes), Book used in each lecture, etc.) has also been uploaded on the Google Drive.


2.   Contents of the Package

(i)    Printed Book – A Handbook on Corporate and Other Laws – 23rd Edition

(ii)   PDF Files containing some selected topics (To be downloaded using Google Drive Link)

(iii)   Lectures (To be downloaded using Google Drive Link)

(iv)  Session Plan, i.e. MS Excel File containing various details like topics / sections covered in each lecture, book used in each lecture, duration (in minutes) of each lecture, total duration of all the lectures, etc. (To be downloaded using Google Drive Link)


3.  Price of Package: Rs. 3,000/- (Including Google Drive Lectures and 1 printed book) + GST = Rs. 3,540.


4.   Details about the lectures

(a)  It is expected that total duration of lectures shall be between 150 to 250 hours. The lectures will cover the 'Concepts', 'Revision’, ‘Practical Problems’, etc. The students will be able to easily identify as to whether a particular lecture contains 'Concepts' or 'Revision' or 'Practical Problems' by referring to the Session Plan.

(b)  The Faculty shall endeavour to cover as much Syllabus as possible. However, we do not give any assurance that the lectures or book provided by us shall contain all the topics / points / sections covered in ICAI material or past examination papers or that the questions that will be asked in exams in future will be covered in our lectures or book.


5.   Amendments

(a)  The lectures shall be fully updated for the Exams to be held in May 2020. However, if any amendment which is not covered in these lectures, is made applicable by ICAI for May 2020 Exams, such amendment shall be uploaded on the Google Drive in the first week of March 2020.

(b)  Amendment notes (in PDF Files) shall be provided and amendment lectures shall be conducted for Nov. 2020 Exams and May 2021 Exams. These amendment lectures shall be uploaded on the Google Drive and can be viewed only through our software.

(c)  The amendment lectures shall be held in September 2020 for Nov. 2020 Exams and in March 2021 for May 2021 Exams. The fees payable for these amendment lectures shall range between Rs. 250/- and Rs. 500/-.


6.   Teaching Methodology

(a)   Detailed analysis using Bare Act + Simplified language + Charts + Practical Problems asked in past exams + MCQs + presentation of answers.

(b)   The coverage of topics / sections in the lectures shall be in accordance with various Announcements made by ICAI.


7.   Language

(a)   The faculty uses a mix of ‘Hindi’ and ‘English’ in conducting the lectures. 

(b)   ‘Hindi’ is used as the primary language for the purpose of explanations, and ‘English’ is used to refer to the terms used in the Syllabus.

(c)   All the books shall be in English only.


8.   Watchable time of lectures

(a)   A student shall get 2 views for each lecture, i.e. if a lecture is of a duration of 100 minutes, the student can watch it for 200 minutes. 

(b)  If a lecture of 10 minutes is watched at a speed of 1.2 (thus consuming 8 minutes only), the software would count the time watched as 10 minutes, and not 8 minutes. This ensures that the 2 views allotted for each lecture do not increase even where a student watches the lectures at a higher speed.

(c)  If a lecture of 100 minutes is watched for 20 minutes and is kept paused for 10 minutes, the software would count the time watched as 20 minutes only.


9.   Validity of lectures

(a)  The lectures shall remain valid for 6 months from the date of activation of software, whether the total watchable time (i.e. 2 views for each lecture) has been utilised by the student or not. 

(b)  Once Serial Key for activation of software is sent by us to a student, such Serial Key must be used to activate the software within next 30 days.



10. Delivery of books and shipping charges

(a)   Generally, we dispatch the books within 2 working days of receipt of order, and the delivery takes another 3 to 10 days, depending upon the destination. However, the deliveries of books have been disrupted due to various restrictions and regulations imposed by the Government and non-availability of courier services in some parts of the country (due to COVID-19 crises). Accordingly, the delivery of books may take longer than usual. Still, we'll try that you receive the books as early as possible.

(b)   Until you get the Printed Books, you may start studying by downloading the E-books by using the Google Drive Link given in the e-mail sent to you (once you place the order). The E-book shall contain such chapters / topics as have been covered in first 100 hours of the Lectures.

(c)   The option to self-pick-up the Books has been discontinued in the wake of COVID-19 crises, and so all orders shall be dispatched only by courier. 

(d)   Rs. 118/- shall be charged as shipping charges. 


11.  System requirements

(a)   The lectures can be watched on laptop only.

(b)   The laptop should meet the following minimum system requirements:

       Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 or above, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10. 

      Operating Systems not compatible with the Software: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 N Edition, Windows 7 KN Edition.

       Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz and above, Celeron Dual Core 1.5 GHZ and above, Intel Atom Quad Core 1.5 GHZ and above. 

RAM: 1.5 GB or more.

(c)   It is not possible to watch the lectures on desktop, mobile phone, Ipad, television, projector or any other gadget or any external display.


12.  Requirement of internet

(a)  Initially, at the time of activation of software, internet connection shall be required (for 2 to 5 minutes).

(b)  After every 15 days, internet connection shall be required (for about 1 minute) so that the software installed in the laptop communicates with the server, otherwise the software won't work and the student won't be able to watch the lectures. 

(c)   For downloading the lectures from Google Drive, internet shall be required. Total size of all the lectures shall not exceed 40 GB.


13.  Technical details

(a)   A student may watch any lecture (or any part of the lecture) at any of the following playing speeds: 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8.

(b)   Once the software to run the lectures is installed on a particular laptop, the lectures can be watched on such laptop only. 

(c)   If 2 or more operating systems have been loaded on the laptop, the software cannot be installed.

(d)   The software cannot be installed if the user logins as a Guest, i.e. the user must be ‘Administrator’ so that the software can be installed. 

(e)  Once the software to run the lectures is installed on a particular laptop, the students are advised not to update the operating system (viz. ‘Windows’), otherwise the software may not work. A student shall have to pay a charge of Rs. 472 (Inclusive of GST) if the software is once installed in a particular laptop, and then, the student wants to get it installed on some other laptop, or if after successful installation of software, windows is reinstalled or updated or there is any technical issue with respect to internet or any other reason, as a consequence of which the Serial Key is required to be reset. Such payment may be made by transferring the amount in our Bank Account (Name of Account Holder: Bestword Publications Pvt. Ltd.; Bank Name: ICICI Bank Limited; Current Account No.: 113605000132; IFSC: ICIC0001136). However, one-time resetting of Serial Key / re-installation of software (whether in the same laptop or in a different laptop) shall not be charged.

(f)   No external display (like monitor or television) can be connected to the laptop at the time of viewing the lectures (whether by way of VGA cable or HDMI cable or otherwise).

(g)  No screen recording software can be used to record the screen.

(h)  No remote access tools or screen sharing software (like Anydesk, Teamviewer, Ultraviewer, etc.) can be used.

(i)   Setting up the software (for watching the lectures) is very simple and a student can install the software on his own (which would generally take less than 5 minutes). Demo Video for installing the software and Troubleshooting videos are contained in the folder ‘How to Play Videos’. Watching these videos shall prove to be helpful in installing the software. In case of any difficulty in activation of software, students may contact Technical Helpline at 99-99-11-79-64 or 99-99-11-79-62 or 99-99-11-79-52 or mail at or or send sms or whatsapp at 99-99-11-79-61.

14. Subject Queries

(a)   The Faculty does not entertain any subject queries by any mode (whether by e-mail or whatsapp or telegram or otherwise).

(b)  We haven't created any Whatsapp Group or Telegram Group or any other Group for discussion of subject queries (though there may be some Whatsapp Groups or Telegram Groups created by students and others in which students submit and discuss their queries).


15. Miscellaneous

(a)   A student shall have to deposit his ICAI Registration No. (along with scanned copy of the Registration letter issued by ICAI) by sending an e-mail to us, within 7 days of purchase of lectures by him.

(b)  Fees once paid is non-refundable.

(c)  The lectures are the intellectual property of Bestword Publications Pvt. Ltd., and copying these lectures by any means shall result in criminal prosecution and civil claim for damages.

(d)  In case of any indiscipline by any student or other act which is considered as unreasonable by Bestword Publications Pvt. Ltd., the Software installed in the laptop of such student shall be deactivated.

(e)  By placing the order, you agree to the terms and conditions which are subject to change by Bestword Publications Pvt. Ltd. at its sole discretion and without requiring any intimation of the same, to you.


16. Support

(a) In case of any queries (other than technical problems), please call at 011-43015654 or 98-11-59-61-00 or 96-96-96-51-51 or mail at or

(b)  In case of any technical problems, please call at 99-99-11-79-64 or 99-99-11-79-62 or 99-99-11-79-52 or mail at or

1.   Order once placed cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

2.   In case of any misprints or missing pages in any book, we’ll provide a PDF file containing the missing pages. 

3.   In case of any other material defect in any book, which is brought to our knowledge within 7 days of purchase, the book shall be replaced.


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